Mission statement for Mower SWCD

The Mower County SWCD’s mission is to coordinate and implement conservation projects, and to serve as a leader for natural resource issues.

The Mower SWCD is a grassroot organization governed by elected officials, established to enhance the natural resources bases while maintaining a viable economy of Mower County.

Mower SWCD Truck

Vision Statement of the Mower SWCD

Our SWCD’s vision is for a Mower County where our natural resources contributed significantly to our quality of life. The county takes pride in its soil protection programs, improved recreation opportunities, water quality and wildlife habitat.

This has been achieved through cost-effective, efficient county, state, federal and private partnerships. Because it represents local citizens through its elected board, the SWCD is recognized and visible for its unique leadership role.

This leadership role includes identifying and addressing natural resource needs and opportunities, long-range planning, and program evaluation. The SWCD continues to be a trusted source of educational, technical and financial assistance for citizens and local government