Ag BMP Loan Program

Ag BMP (Agricultural Best Management Practices) loans are the easiest program run through Mower SWCD. This low-interest program (3%) is for purchasing any equipment or completing a project that will help Mower SWCD's agricultural partners in their efforts to protect our waterways.

With the farm economy dragging right now, Mower SWCD is working with landowners and lenders to assure that our office can make the Ag BMP program fit for those who need it. The Ag BMP loan's duration is determined between the applicant and lender.

Recent Ag BMP loans through Mower SWCD have been for:
* Skid loaders
* Corn planters
* Septic systems
* Manure spreaders
* Conservation tillage equipment
* Streambank repair

To apply:
1) Visit your local lender to discuss your interest in the Ag BMP loan program.
2) Fill out the Ag BMP program's one-page application with the lender.
3) The lender then will send the application to Mower SWCD for approval, which our office usually will finalize within one week.
4) Finalize your loan approval; do your project or purchase the equipment under the loan; and provide an invoice to the lender.

Communication can occur between the lender and Mower SWCD if you prefer.