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Tree Sales Program

      "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago...

                                         ... the next best time is NOW!"


2018 SWCD

Tree Program


The 2018 Tree List is now available!  We have added a new tree this year, Butternut, which is also known as the White Walnut. 

Stop in to our office at
1408 21st Ave NW in Austin or call us at 507-434-2603 ext. 5, to have a list mailed to you.

Click on the picture to
the left for a printable version of the 2018 list.

Last year we tried a new vendor for our tree mats and shelters and were not happy with their quality.  So, for those of you that purchased them last year, we have gone back to the previous vendor and have the quality back again.

Pictures and descriptions of the trees also are available. For questions or help with planning a windbreak, contact Larry Callahan of Mower SWCD at 507-434-2603, ext. 5.

Tree Planting & Windbreak Information.


Mower SWCD has a tree program in which trees and shrubs are ordered to sell to landowners for conservation purposes. We place our order with the nursery ahead of time and then a tree list is sent in December.

Orders are taken on a first-come, first-serve basis. Trees generally are ready for pickup in mid-April. Those who placed an order will be notified by mail of pickup dates and times. 




the trees in April for distribution.




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