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Techny Arborvitae:

Fast growing dark green evergreen shrub.  Very winter hardy.  Sun or light shade. 

Grows 12-25’T x 6-12’W. 

Eastern Red Cedar:

Pyramidal green evergreen.  Drought tolerant, but prefers moist soils.  Full sun.

Grows 30-45’T x 15-30’W.

White Pine:

Fine textured evergreen foliage.  Cold hardiness.  Requires well drained soil.

Grows 40-70’T x 20-40’W

Black Hills Spruce:

Medium growing evergreen.  Easy to grow.  Long lived, tolerant to very cold weather. 

Grows 35- 45’T x 20 -30’W.

Colorado Spruce:

Blue spruce.  Full sun.  Prefers moist soils, but is the most drought tolerant of the spruces. 

Grows 30-65’T x 15-25’W.

Meyer Spruce: 

Blue-green spruce. Full sun. Imported cultivar that currently has no known diseases. Does well in a variety of soils.
Grows 30-40’T x 20-30’W

Norway Spruce:

Faster growing of the spruces.  Evergreen foliage.  Prefers soil with ample moisture.  Best in full sun. 

Grows 40-65’T x 20-35’W.

White Spruce:

Very hardy, dusty green to bluish spruce.  Fairly tolerant to a wide range of soil types.  Full sun. 

Grows 40-60’T x 20-30’W


Butternut (White Walnut):

Medium size tree.  Prefers moist, well drained soil.  Full sun.  Yellow fall foliage.  Edible nut.

Grows 30-50’T x 50’W

Male Cottonwood:

Fast growing tall tree.  Golden-yellow leaves in late fall.  Male trees do not seed.  Requires a moist site.  Full sun.

Grows 50-100’T x 40-75’W

Red Splendor Crabapple:

Fast growing.  Pink flowers in Spring followed by red fruit.  Reddish green foliage.  Grows 20-25’T x 20’W.


Medium to tall tree with yellow fall foliage. Full sun to part shade. Best in moist, well drained soils.
Grows 40 to 60’T x 25 –45’W.

Red Maple:

Brilliant yellow, orange & red fall foliage.  Full sun.  Well drained soil with ample moisture. 

Grows 40-60’T x 30-50’W.

Sugar Maple:

Yellow to Orangish Red fall foliage.  Full sun or partial shade.  Sap can be collected to make maple syrup. 

Grows 40-70’T x 30-50’W.

Bur Oak:

Yellow to tannish-brown fall foliage.  Full sun preferred, moderately shade tolerant. Grows 40-70’T x 35-60’W.

Red Oak:

Excellent orange to red fall foliage.  One of the faster growing oaks.  Fairly tolerant to wide range of soil and site conditions. 

Grows 50-70’T x 40-80’W.

Swamp White Oak:

Reddish-bronze fall color.  Among the hardiest of Oaks.  Grows well in wet or swampy areas.

Grows 50-60’ T x 40-50’ W


American Cranberry:

Excellent orange-red fall foliage and red fruits.  White flowers.  Partial shade to full sun. 

Grows 8-12’T x 8-12’W.

Golden Current:

Fragrant, yellow, clove scented flowers. Purplish-brown berries. Yellow fall foliage. Full sun to partial shade. Fairly drought tolerant. Grows 3-6’T x 3-6’W

Red Twig Dogwood:

Multi-stemmed deciduous shrub.  Brilliant red stems in winter.  Purple-red fall foliage.  Adapts to most soils. 

Grows 7-9’T x 10’W


Thicket forming shrub.  Edible blue/purple berries.  White flowers.  Best in full sun. 

Grows 4-12’T

American Hazelnut:

Tall shrub with numerous upright stems. Shade tolerant. Drier soils. Round nut with a hard bony shell.
Grows 6-8’T

Common Purple Lilac:

Medium to large hardy shrub.  Fragrant purple flowers.  Full sun.  Drought tolerant. 

Grows 8-12’T x 6-12’W.

Common Ninebark:

Fast growing deciduous shrub.  White spring flowers. 
Grows 8-10’T x 8-10’W

Hansen Hedge Rose:

Full/part sun.  Single pink to white, fragrant blossoms, blooms June-August.  Works well as a hedge.

Grows 4-6’ T x 4-6’ W

Serviceberry (Juneberry):

Hardy medium tall shrub.  Edible fruit.  Full sun to part shade.

Grows 6-15’T x 5-12’W

Tree Care Products

Tree Mats:

40"x40" 4 mil. poly film tree mat, center hole, includes 5 staples. Black side blocks out sunlight to control weed growth and white side retains soil temperature.

Tree Shelters:

6’ tall shelter includes zip ties, a 7 ’ stake and bird exclusion net caps. Protects seedlings from wildlife, wind and weeds.


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